Monday, November 12, 2012

Important Announcement no.27c

Ok just letting you know(if you were interested that is!) that Filemanager is being a major pain in the arse right "anonymous" pointed out on the recent Magazine post it just sends you into an endless cycle of ads and other assorted bullshit so for the time being links will be on going through the recent posts and any that were on Filemanager will now be reposted onto zippyshare.if i miss any or there are any mediafire links or even meg******d links youd like a repost of just let me know and ill get them done a.s.a.p. Thankyou


Anonymous said...

I'm the same Anonymous who posted about the File Factory problem. I'm on Zippyshare, trying to grab XTC, but damned if I can find an actual DL link on this page:

There are download buttons, but they're all for .exe files, not for the .rar.

gobshyte said...

hello anonymous.if you follow the link and on the right hand side of the screen right under where it says select language click the box that says "download now" with an arrow in a circle.thats the one you have to click,ignore all that ilivid bollocks. ive just tried the link and it works fine.enjoy!

Anonymous said...

glad you're still out there, iw as getting worried

Pil Head said...

dunno wtf is going on with these file sharing sites, they're all becoming a bit of a pain in the arse lately- I've just had a post on my blog blocked by mediafire with no explanation, yet the post was sent to me by the artist himself- I've removed the post for now & am waiting for mediafire to explain

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great music! The zippyshare links seem to work great .... quick & easy.


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