Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Clash - Five Alive

This repost today comes courtesy of camden dave.its a recording of the clash II in stockholm from always with the clash II im a bit apprehensive before i listen to any recordings by them but they always grow on me and i like them more with each subsequent listen.decent sound quality here that i hope youll enjoy.i think theres another version of this boot around called 'stockholm calling' that was apparently recorded by a swedish radio station so until that turns up please enjoy this and then leave a comment.thanks!


Stefano said...

hi, how is it possiblw have a Clash Five Alive copy?
thank you and greetings from italy:)

Monokrom said...

See pix from this fantastic gig at MONOKROM PHOTOS

Anonymous said...

Thanx for sharing your collection .Cheers from LA,CA.


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