Monday, April 23, 2012

The Specials - Live EP 2012

Evening sent this just now by camden dave.apparently its a ltd 7" from record store day. id not heard of this being released but who cares.this is awesome. the tracks im guessing were recorded on the 2012 leg of the tour.dont know where to be honest but hey when they are this good who cares?anyways time to listen,dance ,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


biopunk said...

Thanks gobby!

Kind people on the internets say:

Side 1
Too Much Too Young (2012 Remaster)
Nite Klub (Live Wolverhampton)

Side 2
Gangsters (Live Glasgow)
Guns Of Naverone (Live Milan)

Budtheweiser said...

Very nice cheers Mate and a big thanks to Camden Dave as well

Anonymous said...

excellent, keep it coming fella

IJG said...

Thanks for this. Saw them last month in Melbourne (with my son!) They finished up with 'Guns', the crowd went bananas.

Liam_Ska said...

Thanks for this you saved me the job of converting my 7" so I could put it on my iPod.

By the way, further to Biopunk's comment the version of 'Too Much Too Young' was recorded in Bournemouth.



Anonymous said...

Excellent ! Thx from Paris.


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