Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adam and The Ants - Demos Volume 2

ok listeners,thanks again to gibbo here we go with volume 2 of this very popular adam ant post.once again its 20 something tracks of demos ,remixes,unreleased tracks,studio rehearsals etc from all stages of his career so it includes solo stuff and tracks from his years with the ants.anyway hopefully theres a link to click on once all this typing stuff is finished.if not please click on the post title to get the link.after that please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

p.s volume 3 coming soon,then the live stuff!!


Anonymous said...

i've been seeking some of the rarer ants stuff for a while, you sir are a god amongst men *does stupid price charming dance*

bat29 said...

For anyone that is interested I have posted complete 1977-1978 demos posted at Noise Addiction blog:

bat29 said...

Also have some live shows posted for anyone who wants:

Amber Sylvia Worsley said...

I LOVE ADAM ANT! I saw him perform in Exeter in June 2011! :D


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