Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adam and The Ants - Demos Vol.1

This one is for zach who requested some adam and the ants.its a collection of demos from various points throughout his career.so you get tracks like stand and deliver,prince charming,picasso visits the planet of the apes,and about 21 other tracks.anyway im expecting a vol.2 of demos and remixes,12" versions etc and a couple of gigs as well including one at the marquee club which ive heard before and is a cracker.anyway please listen to this,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!

p.s thanks to gibbo for this great collection

p.s.s ok this is weird.when i copy the link and paste it to this page it doesnt give me the usual d/l when you click the link option so to get this d/l please click on the TITLE of the post.anyone have an idea why this non working link thing has happened?cheers


Anonymous said...

Many Thanks !!

Anonymous said...

Hallo,Can You Repost This One ??
I Copy & Paste The Link But I Got An Error Mediafire Message Said There s No Link At All.

Sir Head said...

Nice one cheers

gobshyte said...

to get the link please click the post TITLE.thanks

Anonymous said...

excellent *draws white strip on nose and pouts*

Anonymous said...

Thanks For The New Working Link Gobshyte.
Great Stuff.

Lee said...

Great stuff Gobshyte :)
Sorry I haven't been here in a while but what a lovely pile I've got to go through :)
Should keep me busy thru the night :D

ron said...

Manny Thanks !!


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