Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Jam - Live in London REpost request

muchas gracias for camden dave today for this brilliant live show from the was recorded at the michael sobell sports centre apparently in sunny london town in december 1981.its got 21 tracks for your listening pleasure and it really is a great great show.anyhoo please listen,enjoy and for a laugh leave a comment.thanks!
you might want to click on this


richie said...

cheers & beers

for the jam

phil said...


Anonymous said...


buffscrag said...

Cheers for this, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks from Paris France

Can you repost all megaupload links??

Long live Rock'n'roll and your Blog

bristolboy said...

sure to edit the date
In the bottom left corner; just above the "publish post" button is "post options" click on that & you will see " post date & time" on the right hand side. - Just change that to what you want - This can also be used to "stack up" posts ready for posting automatically - BTW - depending on where you are based the time may differ slightly (you will see what I mean when you try using this)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Just recently discovered your blog. Could you please re-post this Jam show? I've been trying for ages to track it down. Sad to see it fell victim to MediaFire's house cleaning.

Love your blog. Thanks for sharing with us. Bill

Anonymous said...

Thank You Thank You Thank You for reposting this - greatly appreciated. Nice bonus to have 3 Clash shows into the bargain.



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