Monday, January 21, 2013

The Clash - Harlesden Calling 1977 Repost

a great live show from the clash recorded at the colliseum in harlesden, london in march of '77.a chaotic gig with several false starts/power failures etc and with joe shouting ' hey mick whats going on?who pulled the plug out?"or words to that effect.anyway according to the good folks at a slightly longer version of this exists but with the possibility that several of these extra tracks maybe came from another show.its definitely a very listenable show and a lot better sound than other shows i have from this era of the i hope you listen,enjoy and then leave a comment on it.thanks!


Anonymous said...

Many thanx for this rare very early Clash show. Chaotic performance, but this is real punk stuff !

biopunk said...

Great one gobshyte!

Definitely puts to rest the claim punks don't tune their guitars.

Did you ever get a copy of Seventeen?

gobshyte said...

cheers biopunk i got that track eventually! glad you liked it.stay tuned for more clash shows later today!

Anonymous said...

Wondering if you have a copy of the Clash Brixton Academy show from 12-7-84. I had a tape version I bought in Kensington market in 85 and just loved it. Cheers!
Chris Shary


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