Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Stray Cats - ABC Fridays 1981

the final post in the ABC Fridays mini-series is this 4-track offering from the stray cats recorded in 1981.again split into two parts to save upload times etc.its another brilliant post to savour.ok it just remains for you to watch and listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s hanx to camden dave and all his assistance for this post.


Colonel Dan said...

Your Site Is The BEST!Thanks For All The Great Postings!
Do You Think It Would Be Possible,At Some Point,To Re-Post The "X Ray Spex Peel Sessions"?
In The Meantime Keep Up The Fine Work (& Thanks Again)

Anonymous said...

They were still largely unknown in America when this was broadcast, but hyped in the U.K.

we talked talked about this coming on for a week and totally delivered.

'Kramer' from Seinfield (Micheal Richards) came out of this show, it featured a lot of music acts that you never really heard about outside of Creem magazine and the like.

This, the Clash (snl and Fridays), Billy Idol showing up on American Bandstand after Gen X broke up and the EP came out and PIL on American Bandstand are some really great memorable moments.

American TV was Lionel Richie at the time, anything out of the ordinary was big deal (like the punk episode of Quincy.....)

You run an amazing blog and thank you for doing it!


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