Friday, March 25, 2011

New York Calling

evening all.i was wondering if anyone living in NY knew what is on the site of the bonds casino in times square now?i was in new york a year ago,spent a fair amount of time in and around times square and it didnt cross my mind once to find out.anyway if anyone knows that would be great.cheers!


Marco On The Bass said...

Great post about Bond's:

John said...

I worked @ 1515 Broadway (MTV) right across the street from the old Bonds @ 1526 Broadway. There is now a large toy store Toys R US, at the 44th st corner. There is a Foot locker (athletic foot ware store) in the middle of the block and on 45th st. there is actually an Italian restaurant called Bond 45. You can google maps the address and see the street view of the avenue.

One regret I have is not going to the Clash shows at Bonds in 1981. I got married that weekend I believe it was the day of the 3rd show.

gobshyte said...

thanks time im there ill check it out!

Nazz Nomad said...

i ate at the restaurant referred to (aka Bond 45) expensive joint in fact. I was there just about a year ago tonite for a job interview of all things. I couldn't help notice the irony of eating and drinking prodigiously on a company teat at the same place about 30 years earlier I was wasted and seeing The Clash. Irony of ironies.

Oh yeah- I got the job!

The Badge said...

For ages and ages the BOND sign was still prominent in Times Square. But since the Rudy G years and the Times Square clean-up it's long-ago history. I was lucky enough to go to one of the matinee shows. Saw the Bush Tetras open. I was a kid, but I had a very cool older sister who indulged me. She was an instant convert. Amazing.

The Badge said...

Oh, and congrats on the job.


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