Saturday, March 5, 2011

My League Predictions

here you go mate heres my final table.ok longy its over to you old chap!


biopunk said...

You really are too kind to Chelsea, Gobby, too kind...

*wipes tear from cheek*

Longy said...

For some reason I couldn't save the image but my table looks like this

Man Utd 85
Arsenal 77
Chelsea 74
Man City 73
Tottenham 69
Liverpool 59
Everton 54
Sunderland 54
Aston Villa 51
Bolton 49
Stoke 48
Newcastle 44
Wolves 43
Fulham 42
Blackburn 40
Blackpool 39
Birmingham 37
West Brom 36
West Ham 35
Wigan 33

Tarkers said...

I like your prediction for West Ham. Lets hope you are close.



Longy said...

Well I today's Liverpool vs Utd one wrong Mr Gobshyte :)

undeadboy said...

Was this before Man U spunked it against Liverpool this afternoon?

Pil Head said...

Hello mate,here's my order of merit
Man Ure
Arse- Nil
Totting Ham
Man Shitty

NOT HAPPY with your wham predictions- I'm hoping the bubble blowers go down like a whore on double time.
Plus we get to show them up next season in the Championship.

All the best mate ;-)

(aka Wall1885)

Nazz Nomad said...

what is this? where are the Yankees? And the Mets? And the Dodgers?

Neon Messiah said...

It might be Man U but not by 11 points.


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