Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sham 69 - Rarities 77-80

this collection of studio demos was originally released in 2000.its got 18 tracks in total including some tracks that would appear later with different titles and reworked fave is 'they dont understand' as it sounds just like the ramones!so if you dont have this its a great way to listen to some great original u.k punk.a lot of tracks (to me anyway)sound a lot different to the sham sound of hersham boys etc and this collection went straight on the all you have to do now is listen,enjoy and then as youve bothered reading this far leave a comment.thanks! would be a good thing to click on.cheers!


Anonymous said...

Love this one, thanks! Raw power. Mats/Stockholm

Longy said...

Needless to say,I like it! Good choice Gobshyte.

gobshyte said...

thanks for the comment Mats!

Jay IRC said...

Excellent post! Thanks for this one.


roberto said...

Probably this is the best Sham album ever...cheers


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