Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Clash and The Undertones - Canadian TV

this offering you see before you is a 10 min interview backstage with the clash and the undertones.its full of insight into joes 'mission statement' for the clash,thoughts on bootleggers and also has an extremely youthful looking undertones talking about ireland etc.anyway please watch,enjoy and as its wedneday leave a comment.thanks!
up from the depths,40 stories high...its the d/l link

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Rich said...

This got me thinking...Peely was a bit hard on The Clash. Here we have a great early introduction by Joe to the fresh-faced Undertones.I guess you could say John was always rooting for the Under-dog, but i do like to think there's a rare interview hidden out there...Joe and John Peel talking music! If only!! Surely they must have bumped heads at Glastonbury over the years..who knows? Another fine post, thankyou kindly.


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