Friday, March 5, 2010

The Cortinas - True Romances

good evening we have another post courtesy of camden dave and another posting for all the clash completists (myself included) tuning in this evening.this is the only album from the cortinas who were a band originating in bristol in mid 76 and featuring a certain nick sheppard who of course went on to further (in)famy as a member of the clash mk.2.i believe this album was originally released in 1978 and features 13 tracks of a distinctly pop pubrock powerpop kind of a vibe.i quite like it as it goes and this release also features the wonderfully named ' i trust valerie singleton'!!so just time now to tell you to listen ,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!and of course if the stars and planets are in allignment then the d/l link should be appearing right about now......
p.s if anyone could point me in the direction of the cortinas 'peel sessions' that would be great.thanks very much


Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

Shame this album could have been so much better than the couple of good tracks on it.

Peel sessions are on my new blog.

Anonymous said...

There's a '77 Peel Session at Marky Dread's blog- 'King Rocker Rocks On' (im sure he had another famous blog previously...)
Many thanks for your Bristolian related lynx Gobshyte...have you heard about the new 'Banksy' movie?

Anonymous said...

blog always searching for music.

gobshyte said...

thanks for the links and comments,its always appreciated when someone bothers to leave one!

Anonymous:ive heard about the banksy film but i have no idea of its release date and if its going to dvd etc.any ideas?


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