Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sex Pistols - The Italian Job

an interesting pistols boot for you all you can see its called the italian job and consists of 8 demo tracks,live cuts and interviews etc.apparently the demos were recorded by mike thorne and were broadcast on italian radio in '77(?)(this is all i have found out) and here they are today.i dont really need to tell you anything about this band so please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks.if that comment tells me anything about the origins of this bootleg and its history that would be great.extra thanks.
as another way of saying thanks here is the d/l thingy


Longy said...

I've never heard of it mate to be honest but many thanks anyway.

Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

Yep these are indeed the Mike Thorne demo's recorded at E.M.I. manchester square. They were played by John 'Boogie'Tiberi on italian radio sometime during the 80's hence the boot title. Nice post mate cheers.

By the way they are avialable on the Sex Box.

Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

Forgot to mention these were released by Jock McDonald of the Bollock Brothers hence the MBC logo on the rear sleeve. cheers

Anonymous said...

is possible an re-up


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