Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Sex Pistols - My Name is John

another show recorded on the pistols u.s tour in 1978 ,this show being recorded in jan 1978.its one of about a million dodgy pistols bootlegs but the sound on this one isnt too bad and the band sound pretty good here.wonderful between song banter and a cracking version of the classic 'problems' amongst 11 tracks in total are featured here.this boot probabaly exists in several other differently named versions one of which i may have posted here but i cant find it now!!anyhoo pop this sucker on a c.d,crank it up to 20,pogo like your life depended on it,knock something over and then feeling suitably exhausted come back and leave a comment.thanks!
hopefully the d/l link is below this sentence.thankyou

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Anonymous said...

This sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing


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