Friday, January 1, 2010

The Liquidators - Various Artists

Happy New Year to everyone out there in interweb land and welcome to the first posting of 2010.i got this before christmas but am only getting around to posting it now.i will admit ive always been a bit wary of ska compilations with boring 2-tone rip off artwork(like this one) but you know what,this is an excellent cd and a cracking listen.featuring classic artists like the skatalites,maytals,dandy livingstone, jimmy cliff etc etc this is a brilliant listen and guaranteed to get you dancing.
anyway stay tuned to the blog for more frequent postings this year and have a great new year!now just listen,skank,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s please click on the post title to get the link.thankyou for your co-operation


Mike said...

Thank you

Paul from Brighton said...

Thanks mate

Jason said...

Great tracks which we have all heard before, but sill sound good.

PunkyPete said...

Superb mate, thanks


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