Thursday, October 29, 2009

Joe Strummer + The Latino Rockabilly War live 1989

good morning campers,time to rise and shine!for breakfast today we have this offering from mr.strummer and his merry men recorded live at londons town and country club way back last century in 1989.its got a good mix of clash songs and l.r.w songs too.
i actually could have gone to see this as i'd come over to london on the ferry from ireland to see the ramones at the t+c club,seeing posters for this and thinking i could go and see them as well but er.....forgetting probably because of way too much consumption of cider.but anyway its a great gig and brings back memories of a great few days in london for me.actually if anybody has the ramones at the T+C on the 9th October '89 please,please get in touch,that would be super fantastic.anyway listen to this c.d to start your day(if you are in the same time zone as me!)enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this I was at this gig as well and the Ramones your looking for ...try this link regarding it

You still interested in the Skids/Big Country/Paul Weller stuff?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous! I for one am certainly interested in Big Country stuff, especially from the Town and Country or Steeltown tours (1984). If you see this, please reply here or to me at sensofwndrATaolDOTcom


Oh and to the blog owner -- you rock my man.

Paolo said...

Thanks for this show! I didn't know there were others from this time, as i only ever heard the Edinburg show.


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