Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Clash - Police and Thieves in Guildford

good evening everyone out there in interweb land.back from a short break from the blog comes this excellent live show from the clash in 1977.this is a recording done on the first night of the white riot tour.16 songs in total in a show bursting with clash energy.i would have loved to have seen the clash at this time in their careers so unless time travel is invented i will have to make do with this show.so once again kids its time to play this sucker extra loud,pogo like its 1977,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

coño! ya era hora joder
rich kids-penetration

gobshyte said...

gracias pero no entiendo!

Anonymous said...

it's good see you again

Anonymous said...

Blimey - I was there. It was brilliant - they came on to bright white lighting and an empty stage and just belted out the songs. A total revolution from the heavy rock concert I'd seen the week before..

Felix said...

I was at this concert as it was in my home town, with the wonderful Subway Sect in support. Haven't ever heard it since then. Cheers!


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