Monday, October 26, 2009

The Clash/B.A.D II - CD single

this was in a link sent to me by neil in lewisham again so thanks for this.its not really anything you havent heard before but its one thats always good to hear again.ive got this already on 7" and 12" vinyl so it was nice to get the c.d version(sort of) to add to my collection! does anyone know if theres a cassette single version of this release?anyway please listen to the musical stylings of the clash and post clash outfit b.a.d II,enjoy them and then if you feel like it leave a comment.thanks!


Mark Edward Lee said...

Hi, it's realyy great to get the chance to hear this, THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Woah! God bless your blog!
All those songs I've never heard...


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