Monday, July 27, 2009

The Jam - Live St.Austell '81

good morning listeners.the first post today is another good recording from the jam recorded in 1981 in cornwall on their 'bucket and spade' tour.i dont have any more info on this gig and neither did the guy i got it from in a trade at the weekend but its a pretty good quality listen for an audience recording.all the jam faves are here so with that in mind its time to listen,enjoy,find some more info on the gig and then leave a comment on it.thanks!


Anonymous said...

hello, I am looking for some direct one of secret affair.
this blog is very good, my congratulations

Longy said...

Hi Gobshyte. Cheers for this one mate. Just posted a single Jam myself! Great minds n all that :-)

Skamanc said...

Excellent - not heard this one in years. Now the proud owner of a brand spanking new CD version... also enjoying the Damned @ the BBC. Thanks a lot & appreciate all the heard work !!!


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