Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Discharge - Society's Victims

Discharge formed in stoke-on-trent in 1977.they quickly hit upon their own distinctive style,a style that was to launch a thousand and one imitators, a style that saw them stripping their abrasive version of punk back to its most simplistic, primal essence.and in doing so they quite probably changed the face and course of the genre for all time.in fact given the huge number of metal bands that also cite Discharge as a major influence,it could be argued that they helped shape not only punk but thrash metal too,indeed extreme music of all shapes and sizes.this mammoth 80 track set covers everything from their 'realities of war' e.p from 1980 to 2002s 'shooting up the world' album.the 3rd cd also includes live tracks recorded in 1983 and 2004 and also some 2004 re-recordings of older tracks.some tracks included are 'protest and survive', 'free speech for the dumb', 'possibility of lifes destruction' and one of my alltime faves 'aint no feeble bastard'.
this is a brilliant collection for all fans of hardcore punk and deserves a place in your homes.anyway now its over to you to play it loud,pogo and slam dance when you have the house to yourself,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
cd1:societys victims1.zip
cd2:societys victims 2.zip
cd3:societys victims3.zip

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