Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Specials - Specials Live !

evening all!after visiting liam_ska at and inspired by his latest top posting of a live version of the beats first album and with nothing better to do this evening except watch chuck norris films i was inspired to do my own version of the specials first one as well.(hope you dont mind liam!).like liams beat post this one was recorded at various venues over the years.i hope you like it.anyhoo nothing else to say about this but give it a listen,enjoy it and then leave a comment.thanks!
pay a visit to liams blog as well to check out the beat post.its great!


liam_ska said...

Good work, mate! Saved me a job, too.

I'm currently putting together live versions of Madness and The Selecter's debuts. They should be up on my blog within the next few days.



Andy said...

great stuff. Burned off & in the car player. many thanks !

gobshyte said...

no probs andy,glad you like it mate!


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