Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Clash - friday night,saturday morning

greetings on a wonderful day in sunny london town.todays offering is another cd-r from the days of the clash II and their infamous busking tour of various towns around britain.this is taken from the may 9th appearance at ripon and st.johns college and im going to be honest i really like it.the sound is very good and theres an interview with john warburton of radio york as well to finish things off.if you go to www.blackmarketclash.com there is some great info on the whole busking tour and an interview with john warburton as well which makes for interesting reading.so play it loud,enjoy in the sunshine and then tomorrow when its probably going to rain again leave a comment.thanks!


biopunk said...

Great one here! "Straight To Hell" is actually a pretty good. First time I've ever enjoyed that song. And "Be Bop A Lula" was killer!

Thanks again for the music gobshyte!

4 dogs records said...

Thank you very much I've always read on magazine of this tour but i never listen music!
thank you again!

gobshyte said...

thankyou biopunk and 4dogs records for leaving comments.its always nice when people leave a message and im glad you like the music.cheers!

Thomas said...

Fucking brilliant!!! I've always wanted to hear this stuff. Thanx for posting this music,everyone needs 40 CLASH albums, SPECIALS too! Glad to see someone else is as obsessed with The Clash as I am, ha ha. Best Blog site out there, well, Punk Friction kicks ass too. Cheers, RATBOY in MPLS, MN, U Suck Ass

Joel said...

Re-up, please?


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