Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Specials - live 7/4/09

ok listeners.this one is hot off the presses.last night the specials did two tracks on the jools holland show and thanks to my nephew who has one of those fancy dvd recorder thingys i got this today.its their performances of gangsters and a message to you rudy in both mp3 format and the video of each performance.just a little taster to whet your appetites for the tour starting soon.the performances are great by the way,full of energy and it hardly seems like theyve been away at notch all round.anyways now its time to watch on your tellys and then listen on your mp3 playing devices,enjoy yourself and then leave a comment.thanks!

p.s i just heard that on the friday (longer running time) repeat of the jools holland show they perform 2 more songs(not sure which ones yet!)and give an interview.ive already got my nephew to fire up the dvd recorder so i can get the rest of the performance ready for the meantime here is the link for the first 2 songs!


Anonymous said...

Your nephew is really a nice guy lol. Thanks to him...& to you !!!
Really a good blog !!!

kennyhel77 said...

Nice one. Now if only Jerry Dammers, like Paul Weller would figure out that he needs his bands. Off to Dl this now!!!

Anonymous said...

This is f***in' marvellous!!!

gobshyte said...

you are all welcome hope you like the other 2 tracks as well.cheers


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