Friday, September 21, 2012

The Specials - mashups and remixes

(Repost no. 2 today)hi there all you people out there in interweb land and welcome back to the wonderful world of mondo-de-muebles.for your patience i give you this,an 8-track compilation of various specials remixy type of things.once again some of them are quite good and others not so favourite is rat inferno but each to their kids buckle up,put on your safety goggles and prepare yourself for a breakneck speed rollercoaster ride throught the theme park here at muebles this loud,dance around your flat/house,sneak to the computer when you realise the neighbours have been watching you dance through the window,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
p.s its great to be back.......


Anonymous said...

any chance this could be reposted?

Anonymous said...

Hey Gobshyte,What s This "File Belongs To A Suspended Account" On Your Last Three Posts ???
Mediafire Shit Maybe ???
Please Repost On Rapishare/Filefactory/Zippyshare.

Anonymous said...

works fine...




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