Sunday, September 16, 2012

UK Decay - Peel Session +live bonus

afternoon all.after digging in the muebles archives this afternoon and as requested by martin we have a bit of Uk Decay for you.4 tracks from a 1980 peel session and 4 live tracks from 1982 recorded in brighton(i think!).ill be honest with you here the sound quality isnt brilliant in the live tracks,not saying its shite(it is deffo listenable)its just not crystal clear.the peel session is better but again not cd quality.anyhoo if youre a fan of the band its a good one to have in the collection.please listen,enjoy and hopefully leave a comment.thanks!
p.s if you have any ideas for songs with the word "million" or "1,000,000"in the title or lyrics please leave them in the comments section of the previous post.great idea bazzil.thanks mate!


Herr Pauli said...

a special thanks to mein freund martin to open my ears for the uk decay.

and thanks gobshyte for the peel post and a great blog.

and for Visitor 1,000,000 -Coming Soon...mmh my ideas not really the best - look at skamancs blog and my idea ;-)...nobody want pictures of naked blogger

all the best

Anonymous said...

1)one million light years from here - Graves / Michale Graves - 2)You think i aint worth a dime but i feel like a millionaire - QOTSA 3) Millionaire - Magic Michael


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