Friday, September 28, 2012

The Clash - Chorus TV live repost request

A great performance from the clash today from the french tv show Chorus,from 1980 i believe with great quality sound and video.many thanks to camden dave for this.some more clash related videos including the mescaleroes performance from the bizzarre festival in 1999 coming soon. please watch enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
for chorus click here!
p.s yes martin you did say please!


MiKaFDM said...

also available on the chorus dvd:

phil said...

Have you tried using torrents!!!
Thanx for the Chorus post

martin41smith said...

thanx for this mate, don't think i've seen this before, can never have to much clash

Mick Mellor said...

great!!! just great!!!!.thanks mate

martin41smith said...

thanx again mate, clash at there peak awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gobshyte,
What Happened To The Specials VIDEO Post ???
It Dissapeared After You Post It ...


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