Sunday, September 21, 2014

Peel Sessions reposts

Morning all. well tomorrow im finally off on holidays. as these repost downloads have been flying out i will repost ALL peel sessions in 2 weeks when i return. Someone reported (anonymously) that the 999 link was down. it definitely isnt as ive just downloaded it myself so i dont know whats happening your end but it is fine. i suggest just trying again mate! all the best to everyone who bothers commenting and ill be back reposting very soon. if theres a particular session you want reposting first then leave a comment so i can get that one done straight away. there will also be a competition/ giveaway of sorts when i get back too. prizes include a Bad Religion tour poster, cds etc etc. i just need to think of questions first. so please read the above, leave a comment and thanks!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your holiday and thanks for your great work.


Unknown said...

John Kim said...

Laurel Aitken / Ruts 1980 Peel Session please? Thanks!


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