Friday, September 19, 2014

999 - Peel Session 1978

Starting a peel session repost request (as requested by Colonel Dan) is this session from 999.4 tracks featured here for your listening pleasure including my favourite 'homicide'.nothing else to say except play it really loud,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
999 peel session


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one Gobshyte! I'm a big fan of 999, and that 'Soldier' track is a fantastic B-side that doesn't crop up very often.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, lovely to hear this again.

arstider said...

Have been looking forword for this one. Might still have it on tape somewhere. Thanks a lot.

Best wishes from Sweden

gobshyte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
martin41smith said...

classic punk had a few of there albums, thanx mate

SriRacha Shark said...

Thanks for this. Not heard it in years! :-)

rebel sedition said...

too often overlooked,loved it back then still sounds great now. cheers ady

Colonel Dan said...

As Always,I Compliment You On Your Wonderful Posts...Your Site Is THE BEST!!!
I Was Wondering,If,At Some Point,You Might Re-Post Some Of The Great Peel Sessions (ie.999,X-Ray Spex,Etc.) That Were Originally Posted In 2012 (I Had The Misfortune Of Losing Those That I Had In A Computer External Drive Crash).
In The Meantime-Thanks Again For All Your Hard Work & Great Music!
All The Best,
Colonel Dan

Anonymous said...

Link has been taken down.

gobshyte said...

hi anonymous. no it hasnt mate!

Colonel Dan said...

Wow! Thanks SO MUCH For These Re-Posts!Just Another Reason Your Site Is THE BEST!!!
Thanks Again,
Colonel Dan

Anonymous said...

Back in the daze of hangin at Max's Kansas City and CBGB's 999 was one of my fave 'unknown' punk bands. Thanks for this!!!!



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