Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Vibrators - Punk The Early Years

this arrived in the form of a link from jimbo (cheers fella!)and this post is an album by the vibrators of cover versions of bands such as the pistols,sham 69,the ramones,999 etc etc.its a good listen and sounds like it would have been a good laugh to record,playing through a bunch of your favourite punk songs.anyway 20 tracks in total that need to be played please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post !!
Thank you so much for the continued Vibrators stuff pal.

Anonymous said...

Hi There !!!
Thanks for sharing this stuff.
Can you please post The Vibrators - Live (1986 Vinyl Album) ???

gobshyte said...

all.thanks for the comments!
im not sure if i have it.ill check though.any idea what the date of the recording is?.

Stevie said...

Thanks, never knew about this album. Looking forward to hearing it.

Anonymous said...

Hey godshyte
I think it s a 1985 recording released in 1986 on vinyl.

Muttsnuts said...

Woah!!! Fantastic. Thanks for all the Vibrators' stuff. Dontcha just love old skool punk...



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