Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Damned - The Captains Birthday Party

a great recording of the damned done at londons legendary roundhouse venue.thats it really.just listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.cheers!
p.s camden dave just told me that this may actually be a gig called 'Not the captains birthday party'but idont know.anyone out there can shed some light on this please?thanks very much


Skamanc said...

Hi Gobshyte. This was indeed also released as "Not The Captain's Birthday Party".

A mucker of mine had the vinyl boot years ago & it took months of pestering before he let me have a taped copy.

I seem to recall the sleeve featured a live shot of the Captain playing the Hofner Violin Bass & wearing a dress.

Cheers for posting this - now I can whack it onto CD to listen to in the jam jar.

Anonymous said...

i can tell you what i know,(not much)(but i got the info stored away in a box somewhere)
i bought this album when it was first issued on blue vinyl...mmmm..probably sometime in 1985(alcoholic haze).it came in blue vinyl, but the only way you could tell (because the sleeve was just white card, and the band and consise album info was printed on a red coloured sticker, which was stuck either side of the card other words to reach the record you had to break the sealed sticker, which was stuck either side of the sleeve opening .soon after this issue came an album 'not the captains birthday', which was exactly the same album,apart from 1 extra track..'i'm bored'
both albums were recorded at the same venue( Roundhouse} at the same date {nov'77}, but i guess itbwas just not the 'captains birthday' on that date.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very meuch !!

Anonymous said...

The above infos correct. I bought the card sleeve with sticker version around '85. It was on Stiff label and blue coloured. At the same time a copy of 'New rose' was released by stiff with a free single 'im so bored' which was actually 'I fall' from the same gig ....if i remember correctly.
Then 'Not the captains..' was released by Demon records with a picture sleeve in Black wax which included the missing track.

So not confusing at all..


Anonymous said...

Looking foward to listening to this


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