Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Clash - Hamburg Riot

a great live show from the clash recorded in hamburg in 1980.the band are on top form and this the infamous 'riot show' with the police fighting with fans outside,joe getting arrested etc.please go to the wonderful www.blackmarketclash.com for more info on this great gig.
now that youve been there and come back,please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!


Anonymous said...

Riot !!!
Guess we all need some nowdays...
Cheers mate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this show! Had not heard it until now. Can you post a show from 1977?

jjreding said...

Hey brother. Man I am LOVING this blog dude!!!! Days and days of brilliant downloads. I especially love all the Clash and Specials stuff - anmd the Stiv Bator post I've already commented on that introduced me to your page here.

God knows I haven't come anywhere seeing all of your links yet, but if it's not already here, do you by any chance have - or can you get - the Clash show from the Cleveland Agora in February 1979? I was in Florida then and missed it. I'm also looking for a show from either 1981 or 1982 from Akron, Ohio and Pittsburgh. I was at both of those shows and got to interview the lads in Akron.

Thanks man, and keep up the awesome music!!!!!!!!!!

gobshyte said...

hi jj.cheers for the kind words mate always appreciated.if you type akron in the search box youll get the akron show you were looking for.i thought id posted those others as well.try typing in the search box something like 'live 1979'im sure i put a tag like that on them.anyways if you still cant find it let me know and ill repost it for you.any other shows you want let me know.thanks again!

gobshyte said...

hi jj.if you go to the archive section of the blog and look in september 2008 and october 2008 i think youll find the shows your looking for.illrepost the feb 79 show soon as i cant find that one.anyway hope these are the ones you want.let me know.cheers!


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