Monday, December 6, 2010

The Plugz - Complete Collection

the first time i heard of these guys was when i bought the soundtrack to the film 'repo man' on cassette years ago.i think they had 2 tracks on it 'hombre secreto' and 'el clavo y la cruz',anyway i didnt know much else about them and only heard occasional other tracks from them over the its with great delight that i present you with this compilation covering almost all of their recorded output.its a great listen and if their version of 'la bamba' doesnt make you want to dance then i dont know what will!anyhoo please listen,enjoy and if you have a moment leave a comment.thanks!


roberto said...

Great band,i know this,all their records are worth listen...nice one Gobshyte,cheers

stevie said...

Thanks, never heard this band. Will give them a listen.

Ron said...

Thanks !!
Love them !!


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