Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Buzzcocks - Times Up

continuing with lots of reposts and requests today as i cant be arsed to go outside in this snowy weather is this great compilation from manchesters greatest ever band the buzzcocks.ok now all you have to do now is listen,enjoy and then leave a comment,thanks!
.if this link above is working it should take you to a site that will tell you all about the origins etc of this may need to copy and paste it though!


pinkpressthreat said...

Thankyou very much-I had an inferior version of this,so cheers!

Anonymous said...

thanks very much, i dont think i have a 100% complete until now of this..even with many many different download bootlegs with bits and bobs of the album etc....... i dont think ive even heard this boredom version either...well..maybe i have..i dunno!!!!! cheers

Anonymous said...

and now to top of it.....not even heard this version of Times up......glad i double checked and downloaded this now!!!

SriRacha Shark said...

Great post! Thanks. You don't happen to have a copy of the interview mentioned on the Pete Shelley page, do you?


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