Saturday, October 23, 2010

Max the dog says..Do the Ska - Various

a great ska compilation for you all today.its a 23 track compilation and its a belter!i got it from camden dave this morning who came over for a few games of tekken6.anyway it features a whole host of great bands and artists like bad manners,the loafers,laurel aitken,the riffs etc etc.anyway its going straight on the eyepodd later now that ive found the connecting cable.anyhoo id like you all to listen,enjoy,do the ska and then when you have a moment leave a comment.thanks!


Monomod said...

Gob, I haven't listened to this scorcher yet but I'm downloading it THIS VERY MOMENT and I can tell you:
I'm f***in' looking forward to listen to it!
Thx mate!

xtimmyx said...

haven't heard this comp in probably 10 years! thanks for posting it!


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