Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Clash - Shibuya Calling 1982

another of those clash unposted posts i was telling you about recently.this one was recorded in japan in january is what have to say about it.
"first night in japan.quality recording.exceptional performances.essential."obviously they say a lot more but that sentence there sums it up please listen,enjoy and possibly leave a comment.thanks!


hoochmonkey9 said...

nice one.


gobshyte said...

thanks for the comment,glad you like the post!

Anonymous said...

my browser took me here promising a 1982 detroit cramps soundboard. where is it?

gobshyte said...

dear anonymous.
i have no idea.have a word with your browser

Dirk said...

thanks mate, great stuff as usual. just downloading, can't wait to listen!


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