Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Madness - The Lost Tapes Vol.2

evening all.got this collection recently on a cd-r sent to me by james in hastings.(cheers mate for this!)its a 23 track collection of studio demos,instrumentals and all that sort of thing.as the more alert of you will have noticed its labelled part2,so im assuming someone out there in interweb land has part1.if so it would be really great if you could point the muebles listeners in the right direction.i have no other info on this post im afraid so its up to you now to listen,dance,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s if anyone has info on this post i.e dates of recording etc etc please let me know.cheers


Music for Songwriters said...

these are great tracks...i am familiar with some of them...ill try to listen to the rest...thanks for sharing..

nuttyboystav said...

There is a Volume 1.

You can download it here http://www.madness-central.com/downloads/FSBLostMoreLost.html

gobshyte said...

hi music....
hope you enjoy them.check the link from nuttyboystav for part 1!

nice one nuttyboystav.thanks very much mate

Robinbrevard said...

Correct link here (needs a couple hyphens):



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