Sunday, February 7, 2010

*I need some help!!!*

greetings listeners.i have an excellent short film about the clash recorded in munich in 1977.its about 250mb and runs about 18 mins in problem is that with winrar i have no idea how to split it into 100mb files so i can u/l it to mega upload or you know on winrar it gives you a choice of several ways to split the files but ive no idea what they mean or how to use them.can someone please explain to me in very non-technical terms how to do this please?im sure i asked this before but ive forgotten everything i was told.i hope someone can help cos this clash video is great and will be worth the d/l !!
thanking you in advance. GOBSHYTE


Anonymous said...

Yo bro. All you need to do to split into 2 parts is
1. Right click folder files are in.
Select "add to archive".
2.Look to bottom left where it says "Split to Volumes". Type 130,000k
(dont forget the K part. That should give you 2 pieces. 1 at about 130mb and one at about a 120mb

Need more help you know where to find me.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to split it to upload it on Megaupload

gobshyte said...

cheers SilentWay.thats brilliant mate.i hope you like the clash video!

gobshyte said...

thanks Anonymous.i did not know that!


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