Friday, February 12, 2010

Misty in Roots - The Peel Sessions

after watching the dvd of the recent ruts benefit show for foxy i felt i had to post this.they were one of the bands on the line-up and they were excellent.what a great show that was and i thought henry rollins was a fantastic vocalist for the night.anyway back to this post.its a compilation of 3 sessions(i think!).i have the dates and a full cover somewhere so until then youll have to make do with this one i found on the fave track on here is 'wanderer' and its a great,great you all probably know the ruts sung 'jah war' was written about clarence baker, a member of the collective of singers and musicians that made up the original lineup of the there you have it.put this on loud,relax,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
here you go with the d/l link


Anonymous said...

This is really good stuff! Thank You! Mats/Stockholm

gobshyte said...

cheers Mats,glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

To save you the trouble, Gobshyte, and to say many thanks for this, here is the tracklisting with recording dates (taken from which gives full listings for all nine MIR sessions):

Misty In Roots - Peel Sessions 1979-84 (partial)

01. Babylon's Falling - 05/06/1979
02. True Rasta Man - 27/11/1979
03. Judgement Coming On The Land - 27/11/1979
04. Bale Out - 15/09/1980
05. Wise And Foolish - 15/09/1980
06. Live Up Jah Life - 12/05/1981
07. Life Boat - 12/05/1981
08. New Day - 15/12/1982
09. Can't Stand It - 15/12/1982
10. The Wanderer - 22/02/1984

Cheers,Dave Sez.


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