Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Specials - More Dates in 2009

yippee.more specials dates announced in the uk for november.i shall be going to see them in hammersmith on the 25th as its the day before my birthday and about 15 mins walk from where i live.they go on sale tomorrow at 9 am.having for years thinking id never get a chance to see them in concert,twice in 1 year is fantastic.let the countdown begin..................


kennyhel77 said...

Would they please come to the States again!!!

Saw the vids from Jools and they were splendid!!

Captain Skalett said...

F@*&king Magic. Got Mine. Maybe see you there. I felt down after Brixton on 16th May, i'd waited 30 years and that was it, so i thought. Now i get another go. F@*k it.... Southend, Margate and Hammersmith here i come. Is this year really happening. I have Madstock, The Beat, Prince Buster to come, Rico and Derrick Morgan next week. And now The Specials again. How will i ever get over this year. Better bury me in December, it won't get any better.


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