Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Joe Strummer - Liverpool Calling

another post plucked from the box marked 'cd-r random' is this show 'liverpool calling' from joe strummer and his mescaleros.its a 2 cd version of the show with some great clash and even a specials cover.in what was joes last show(with the mescaleros) before his untimely death this serves as a great reminder of his musical genius and his legacy.so as you sit and listen, spare a thought for joe ,enjoy the concert and leave a comment.thanks!


4 dogs records said...

Thank you very much!
Do you know is there is some "Rock in Athens" recording (the last concert of THE CLASH in august 1985)?
Thank you again Great blog !

gobshyte said...

hi 4dogs.glad you like the post.ive done some checking and apparently no recording exists of that concert.BUT it was recorded for and broadcast on greek tv so hopefully something will appear one day.if you ever find one let me knoe.thanks again


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