Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Live in Osaka

this is an incredible sounding(listen to it on some decent headphones!) gig from joe and the mescaleros recorded live in osaka, japan in really is fantastic and features 22 songs in total.some mescaleros songs, clash covers, specials covers and even a cover of 'blitzkrieg bop' by the ramones to finish the evening off.a truly excellent gig and another which shows us how much mr. strummer is missed.anyway time for you to listen,really enjoy it,and then leave a comment.thanks!
some of you may have had trouble with part 1 so ive reupped and it all works fine.for me anyway.sorry about that.but d/l part 1 again if you have to.its worth me!!
new link for part 1 cdosaka1.rar
part 2


Anonymous said...

nice piece but i have a problem with zip 1 can't extract Tony Adams song.


dz said...

cool post, thanks man

gobshyte said...

ive reupped and checked and it seems fine.sorry for the probs with that track MARC

Anonymous said...

it work. thank a lot.nice post.

lazy said...

heres two lps to keep u going mate,hope they still work.will sort out more when i have time!
Lazy lpBrokedown palace
3.Policeman Skank (The Story Of My Life) - Audioweb
Brokedown Palace ost ok soundtrack

Jobe said...

Always the best quality here.

lazy said...

I LOVE THIS!Very good sound!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this's a real treat.


PS Very impressed with your blog, you've put some great stuff.



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