Friday, June 17, 2016

The Drones - Peel session e.p

continuing the peel related reposts is this session from the drones.they started life as a manchester pub rock band in 1975 but by 1977 had reinvented themselves as a punk band.they moved to london playing at the legendary roxy club in covent garden.they also played a lot of gigs with the likes of xray spex, the vibrators and the december(?) of 1977 they recorded this 4 track session for mr peel at the bbc studios.i really like their storming version of the ronettes 'be my baby' which is included at your next pogotastic punk party remember to play this session.enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Drones Peel session


Longy said...

Excellent. Cheers for this one mate. These peel sessions are great uploads : - )

topper said...

never knew the drones made a peel session


tom said...

Thanks for posting these Peel sessions - if you have any more I'd appreciate hearing them

John Medd said...

I've still got the whole thing on a TDK C90 in a box somewhere. They were a poor man's Cortinas if memory serves.


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