Friday, June 17, 2016

The Lurkers - Peel Sessions

REPOST REQUEST:while gobby junior is asleep ill continue with the peel reposts.this is another band that i have fond memories of seeing over the years,this set comprises their peel sessions from '77 and also some other BBC punk sessions.a great compilation for your collections.although its not the complete bbc punk sessions which used to be on the blog but now isnt(not sure why)so play this loud,pogo till your legs explode,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Lurkers peel sessions


Longy said...

Your putting some great peel sessions up here my man. Excellent job! I've just located the Serious Drinking Love On The Terraces EP via soulseek so I'll post it later today for ya. I'm still looking for The Revolution Starts At Closing Time but can't find it.

arstider said...


Agree with Longy, some really nice Peel Sessions. Do you have any with 999? Lurkers shall be fun to hear.

Best wishes from Sweden

kennyhel77 said...

Great site! I have been visiting for awhile now and wanted to say hello. I have added your site to my blog. If you'd like to do the same that would be great. Nice Peel Sessions!!!

dz said...

wow, ya, keep up the good work man, I got some catching up to do to listen to all these.

Philippe said...

Super son !

Philippe de France

topper said...

also thanx for this one

biopunk said...

This is one of the best.

Good show, Gobshyte!

Anonymous said...

John Peel is sorely missed!

Thank you for posting these! I've downloaded and awful lot of stuff, comparing a lot of them to the studio versions. There's something so unique about Peel Sessions that I can't put my finger on.

This link is dead. I would truly love to hear John Peel take a shot at The Lurkers!

Anonymous said...

The Peel sessions are great, heard them back in the day but nice to be able to rehear them. Paul


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