Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dee Dee Ramone - I am seeing UFO's

Afternoon all. a slightly different post than normal. the usual link will take you to my ebay page where you can see the record above for the moment i also have a few Green Day picture discs for sale. Theres also a few old ramones and the damned and other punk related gig posters too.ill be slowly adding more vinyl and music related memorabilia ( including some sex pistols rare items)to the page in the next few days. ill also be doing some reposts to the blog asap for people too as its been far too long that ive been away. so thanks for reading and hopefully you will at least take a look at what i have. like with the blog if there is any memorabilia you are after please send me a message, you never know what will turn up in the muebles archives!!
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I am seeing UFO's


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Glad to see yer still here Gobshyte, I've been a bit sporadic myself with the blogging. All the best.

pogo said...

Nice blog and lot of things never heard about the clash. Also one of my best even band. Thanks for the share. As you look like a specialist, beginning of the 80's one of my friend had a bootleg tape recorded in Italy, and should be the last tour with original members plays some songs of the last clash album done in a different way. Lets say in a better way. Do you know these versions of those songs and as i never ear them again it would be a pleasure if you can share.


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