Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Clash - Middlesborough Town Hall 1978

Good morning listeners and welcome back to radio muebles broadcasting live from london.on this still sunny morning comes the first of several clash boots ive not posted before or have been asked to repost.anyway this is a very good sounding boot from the sort it out tour and is 20 tracks for your listening pleasure.not much more to say but play loud,enjoy and leave a comment.thanks!
p.s ive counted and the blog is now in its 6th year.never thought it would last one.thanks for visiting!!
The Clash 'Boro 78


poguemahone said...

Thanx !!!

96dbFreak said...

OMG I don't believe this. I was at this gig too. One of the best gigs I've ever seen and the second time I'd seen The Clash (the first was the Middlesbrough Rock Garden in 77). This is fantastic. Thank you so much.

Jordan Lewington said...

Please copy to cd for me?!!?


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