Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Clash - Brixton 30th July 1982 Soundboard Upgrade

Morning all. Continuing with posts from the clash we have this post (a repost request!)from the band recorded at Brixtons Fair Deal(now the academy fact fans!) in july of 1982. i know there is a soundboard upgrade of this floating about somewhere but i cant find it anywhere so if anyone is aware or could send me a copy that would be much appreciated.its 23 tracks for your listening pleasure.the sound is good but not brilliant but its a great show and one i know you will please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!!
*EDIT* Many thanks to phil for sending the link to this nice one mate.This SBD upgrade is also 28 tracks for your listening pleasure.Thanks
Brixton Riot SBD Upgrade


Anonymous said...

Hi There
Found this on Satches Forum, the guy who actually sent the upgrade is my friend of 40 years,David Newson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading keep up the great posts

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this recording keep them coming everything appreciated

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for uploading's much appreciated!I'm a very happy City Rocker indeed lol :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all your work-- and six years of commitment! You have a grateful community of supporters and really reflect the ethos of the band.

While we digest some of these great shows, would you consider some of the interview comps, particularly Broadway - The Interviews?

Again, thanks so, so much!

blureu said...

Thanks for answering my request!

This will interest you too. It's an 8 part interview with Mick, Paul, Topper and Johnny Green:

Anonymous said...

hilistning to the brixton show it sounds like track 15 to 19 seem to dip in quality and becomes like a audience recording could anyone give info on this thanks

Juby said...

Thanks for all of your generosity and hard work!


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