Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Crisis of Conformity - Fist Fight!

Afternoon listeners and welcome to sunny muebles towers on a cold wet afternoon in old London town. This little gem is another of Dave Grohls many side projects. Its a feckin cracking blast of 80's style hardcore. The "a-side" reminds me in particular of sixpack by black flag for some reason although to you it may sound like someone else. The "b-side" reminds me of a song by suicidal tendencies that i cant quite remember the name of. Anyway give this a listen and it s guaranteed to chase away any oncoming winter blues. For me it bought loads of memories of a misspent youth flooding back, i hope it does something similar for you all too. so now just listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s thanks to reggie for this brilliant link!
find a fistfight here!


kennyhel77 said...

Wow! that is all I can say. Fred Armisen (SNL and Portlandia) and Dave Grohl have made a classic DC hardcore record circa 1982. Love this. Would like to see them do more. This song comes from a SNL skit and boy is it good. Thanks Gobshyte for this. I did not even know it existed

gobshyte said...

hi kenny.its one of my favourite records of the year get an album if they released one.seems unlikely that will happen though.any chance you have the video as none of the websites its hosted on will let me watch it as im outside the U.S and its also been removed from youtube.thanks


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