Monday, October 15, 2012

The Clash - Golden Bullets

a great bootleg from the clash today.great sound quality and lots of great songs including alternate versions of white riot,rehearsal versions of others etc etc.anyway its got notes on the tracks on the back cover and its a must have for clash completists like without further ado please listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
Clash Golden Bullets descarga aquí


Jeff said...

Well as you sure know, Paul and Mick joins Gorillaz Plastic Beach Tour 2010.
Listen the performances in paris or phoenix :

Enjoy !!!

I saw the show in Paris. I t was the first time I saw Paul and Mick from the seventies. In fact, time pass but soul lives !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Clash compilation, many thanks.

Rich said...

Once again i'll say thankyou for the superb post & for your continued efforts. Makes it all worthwhile. Going to get some kip and check this out.

gobshyte said...

thanks for those gorillaz posts Jeff.i have a day off work tomorrow so will get around to checking them then.thanks again.

Anonymous thanks for the is an excellent compilation mate!

thanks for the comment and the others youve left recently too.i hope youve had a good look through the archives for lots of clash and other post clash related stuff.cheers!

Bard said...

again you spoil us!

liam23 said...

many thanks

Anonymous said...

bitchin' dude

-nazz nomad


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