Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sham Pistols - Natural Born Killer

many thanks to reggie for this one.its the sham pistols demos recorded at the Manor Studios in Oxford, June 1979.
The other 4 tracks were the encore tracks recorded at the Apollo theatre, Glasgow, 29th June, 1979.anyway a lot of you will have already heard the sham pistols gig from somewhere else on this blog but this is the first time ive heard these demos so many thanks again mate.anyway i hope you all listen,enjoy and then leave a comment.thanks!
p.s i know i have repost requests to do(i havent forgotten!)its just easier to post the links at the moment rather than re-ripping cd's which isnt a whole lot of fun to be honest!!but they will happen,honestly.thanks for waiting


biopunk said...

Funny, I was listening to "Trainspotter" earlier and really loving that groove.

Cheers Gobby!

gobshyte said...

cheers biopunk.and i see your doing better in the predictions game too!

Anonymous said...

look the title track, not heard the demo's before,many thanks

richie said...

thanx for this gobshyte

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Post (as always)


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